Vitalité Health Network presents its 2019 Recognition Awards recipients

Bathurst, June 5, 2019 - As part of its Recognition Program, Vitalité Health Network has been awarding Recognition Awards since 2015.

This initiative is a way of acknowledging employees who have distinguished themselves within the Network over the past year or number of years based on some specific criteria:

  • Excellence in Management and Leadership (one award within the Network)
  • Vitalité (four possible awards within the Network)
  • Creativity and Innovation (one award within the Network)
  • Safety (one award within the Network)

We are pleased to announce our 2019 recipients.


Vitalité Award

This award recognizes an employee who is dedicated to their work; is honest and fair toward the organization, co-workers, and/or patients/clients; is a source of motivation and inspiration; and whose work ethic reflects the six core values of the Network, namely respect, compassion, integrity, accountability, equity, and engagement.

Manon Frenette (Acadie-Bathurst Zone) – Medical Affairs Coordinator

Manon is a role model and is greatly appreciated by her peers. She always goes the extra mile to help her colleagues and superiors. She is the ideal person to handle the orientation of a new employee and is adept at sharing all her knowledge. She is recognized for her skills and abilities in leadership, issue management, active listening and achieving common objectives. She is a positive influencer and able to take on issues that go well beyond what is expected for this type of position.  It’s no accident that her colleagues have dubbed her the “Goddess.” She is among those credited with the human approach taken during the medical administration’s regional tour of the Medical Staff Organizations.  She is very simply a model for others to follow and embodies everything that a supervisor or colleague could hope for, both in terms of work and in terms of kindness.


Annie Morin Levesque (Northwest Zone) – Professional Practice Clinical Nurse Specialist

Thanks to her perseverance, leadership and commitment to her practice and patients, this employee met her patients’ needs effectively and was always on the lookout for new trends and practices. She was a person of integrity who does not judge and is very respectful. Her compassion for patients was without a doubt one of her greatest strengths. The wound care clinic that she established, the new wound care technologies that she implemented and the wound care symposium that she organized are a few examples that clearly illustrated her accountability and commitment to the Network, her profession, her patients and her colleagues. She was a nurse with a big heart who was dedicated to her patients and to providing them with high-quality care. She was always available, smiling and attentive to the needs of her patients and colleagues. Annie passed away on May 15, 2019. She had the pleasure of knowing that she was a merit award recipient before her passing. She was honored posthumously at the local recognition ceremony on June 3, 2019.


Jean-Philippe Ouellet (Northwest Zone) – Laboratory Quality and Safety Officer / Laboratory Information System Coordinator / Supervisor

Jean-Philippe is committed and is continually sharing his experience and knowledge to provide high-quality cutting-edge services. His field involves many challenges and projects that he always completes brilliantly, putting his extensive knowledge to use. He is an exceptional worker who shows a great sense of leadership and is very fair to others. He is determined in his work and is appreciated by all. He is someone to watch for the future. He sits on several committees and participates actively. He excels in his work at all levels and is an outstanding and exceptional worker.



Roxanne Paquette Blanchard (Beauséjour Zone) – Provincial Coordinator of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Programs

Roxanne is available to her team at all times, at any hour. Her commitment to the Network, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (“SANE”) Program, her colleagues and her patients is exceptional not to say impressive. She supports her team, takes the time to offer the best possible advice, and takes the initiative to make necessary calls to the various departments involved when the most complex cases arise. Regardless of her workload, she remains positive and inspires her team to remain engaged. She is a very honest and humble person who demonstrates exceptional active listening. She sees to her own professional development and that of her team members, with the Network’s six values as a reference point. Her positive character and leadership abilities are unique and motivate her colleagues to excel. She imparts a real sense of belonging to the SANE Program group. She excels in her work and provides specialized and personalized care.


Excellence in Management and Leadership Award

This award recognizes one of the Network's managers for their excellence in management and leadership.

Johanne Cléroux (Restigouche Zone) – Manager - Access, Adults, and Mobile Crisis Services

Johanne is a model for others to follow. She has integrity and is equitable, honest, professional, fair and engaged. She is thorough, has an excellent work ethic and inspires confidence. She involves employees and clients in decision-making, listens and seeks everyone’s ideas, is a visionary, and anticipates long-term changes. She believes in improving services and she supports her employees in their professional development and adaptation to change. She can easily mobilize a group of people and remains positive even in sometimes difficult situations. She sets clear, measurable, realistic and quantified objectives that are aligned with the Network’s policies. She regularly reviews objectives with her employees and encourages them to help devise solutions. She strongly supports hosting students so they can be shown the services provided to clients. Johanne always strives for excellence. She has shown strong leadership over the years. Her creativity and innovativeness have allowed her to meet many challenges, implement several projects and greatly improve services.


Creativity and Innovation Award

This award recognizes a Network team who, through its creative and innovative work, has successfully developed and implemented a new concept or found an effective and efficient original solution designed to solve a problem or simply improve practices.

Addiction Services (Northwest Zone)

This team established an opioid substitution clinic, with the treatment philosophy for this regional program developed by a core group of health professionals.  The first such clinic opened in Bathurst in 2016 and two other clinics followed, in Campbellton and Tracadie. The Edmundston clinic then opened its doors in June 2018. This new service in the Edmundston region is available to people with opioid addiction. The clinic is currently seeing outpatients at Opioid Addiction Services one day a week. All clients receive comprehensive treatment with involvement by a range of health professionals. The current opioid overdose crisis is being felt across Canada and the communities in our region are unfortunately not immune. Studies have shown a better success rate maintaining sobriety when people with opioid addiction receive professional support and substitution therapy. The cost of opioid abuse is approximately $45,000 per year per individual while the cost of treating an individual is approximately $4,000 per year. The benefits to clients of the opioid substitution clinics are already apparent. For the team, it is very rewarding to help improve clients’ quality of life and improve best practices designed to fight the devastating effects of opioid addiction.


Safety Award

This award recognizes a Network employee who has shown ingenuity and a concern for prevention in their approach to patient/client or employee safety.

Natalie Pomerleau-Dalcourt (Beauséjour Zone and Vitalité Health Network) – Medical Physicist and Manager of the MOSAIQ Project and Application

Natalie carries out many analyses and evaluations of oncology care processes and treatments to prevent incidents and ensure that care and services are safe. She identifies and reports at-risk situations and offers preventive measures to avoid incidents related to care processes and treatments. She has implemented administrative and technical security measures to protect data and has trained the entire team in incident prevention. She presents improvement options to the management team. She coordinates the implementation of the MOSAIQ Project and carries out the required follow-up related to standards, the Network’s policies, and key partners in order to advance the computerization of health records.  She participates actively on various safety-related committees and is very active in the development of a range of safety-related tools. Natalie plays a key role in the computerization of health records for the Network’s oncology departments, and this is improving access for staff and physicians and promoting quality of care.