Vitalité Health Network confirms departure of two Saint-Quentin doctors

Saint-Quentin, Monday, June 10, 2019 – Vitalité Health Network confirms that two family doctors in Saint-Quentin have resigned. “This situation is concerning and our first thoughts are for the patients of the Restigouche West region,” affirmed Dr. France Desrosiers, Vice-President of Medical Services, Research and Training. The Network is aware of the challenges inherent in delivering health care services in rural areas. “This is why we are working intensively with our doctors, health professionals and community partners to find solutions and ensure that services are sustainable,” she declared.

National labour shortage

According to Dr. Desrosiers, a shortage of qualified health professionals is affecting the entire country and rural areas in particular. The Network alone needs 154 nurses and 71 doctors to fill positions across the organization. “We wish to assure the people of Restigouche West that we will be ramping up our recruitment efforts in coming weeks in order to be able to meet their needs as satisfactorily as possible.” 

The Network must manage resignations and retirements from all its facilities and departments on a regular basis.  “We will continue identifying the solutions needed – including the recruitment of new doctors and the possibility of adding a nurse practitioner – to maintain care delivery in this region,” Dr. Desrosiers concluded.

The Network invites stakeholders to pursue their constructive dialogue and support the organization in its search for solutions for Restigouche West communities.