The Snoezelen Room project is completed in Edmundston

Edmundston, March 19, 2019 - The Snoezelen Room of the Edmundston Regional Hospital’s Psychiatry Unit, inaugurated in the beginning of 2017, was upgraded in December with the addition of new equipment.

A second bubble tube and an egg-shaped chair with integrated sound system are among the room’s new additions. A cushioned platform was also installed to help patients get up from the vibrating mattress installed in 2017.

This type of multisensory room is namely used to help patients relax, relieve their pain and reduce their anxiety. It has well-known benefits in the treatment of self-injury, behaviour disorders, etc. For many, it is an alternative to medication and a different universe.

Some users enjoyed the experience so much that they want to recreate a similar space at home. Adults on the unit and young child psychiatry inpatients really appreciate the Snoezelen Room and how it meets their needs.

The Psychiatry Unit team would like to thank the Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation for its financial contribution which made this project happen. It is a great success!