New provincial health plan: continuing to advance health care in New Brunswick

Bathurst, Monday, November 15, 2021 – Health care will take centre stage this week, as the Honourable Dorothy Shephard, Health Minister, will unveil the various components of the government’s new provincial health plan over the next few days.

Vitalité Health Network views the arrival of the new health plan favourably. “We share this acknowledgement and desire to do things differently,” stated Dr. France Desrosiers, President and CEO of the Network.

“In fact, our 2020–2023 Strategic Plan focuses on this context and on the issues affecting the health of our population and the services we deliver. I see a number of parallels between our plan and the directions that will be proposed by Minister Shephard’s action plan,” she added.

The Network sees the announcement of the new provincial health plan as an opportunity. According to Dr. Desrosiers, it makes it possible to step up the discussions that we need to have as a society on how to continue to advance health care in New Brunswick and meet current challenges.

“The provincial health plan will enable us to build on the increased collaboration of stakeholders, which was implemented during the pandemic and has proved effective. This is what must be done to ensure proper harmonization between all stakeholders and therefore ensure the plan is implemented. We owe it to the people of New Brunswick,” Dr. Desrosiers concluded.