The Network welcomes expert’s recommendations on the Restigouche Hospital Centre

Bathurst, Wednesday, May 8, 2019 – Vitalité Health Network welcomes the Department of Health’s decision to accept the recommendations issued by mental health expert George Weber designed to improve the mental health services delivered at the Restigouche Hospital Centre (RHC). The Network has noted the ten recommendations contained in the report and has accepted the six recommendations that apply directly to the institution. “All the recommendations are aligned with the vision and measures that the Network has undertaken since 2017 to review the RHC’s organization and operations and ensure quality of care and patient safety,” stated Jacques Duclos, Vice-President of Community Services and Mental Health.

Thanks to the support received from the Department of Health and other government and community partners, the Network is confident that it has the plan and tools needed to successfully complete its ambitious effort to modernize and improve the RHC’s services. “We are pleased that Mr. Weber has identified the same issues and challenges we have,” Mr. Duclos said.  “In fact, one of the six recommendations – namely the one on safety huddles – is already well on its way to being implemented.  The organization remains focused on the RHC file; we have been proactive and our efforts are already yielding results.”  

The Network intends to continue working with the Department of Health and all other stakeholders to implement as quickly as possible these recommendations designed to improve quality of care, patient safety and human resource availability – all supported by a rigorous monitoring and control system as recommended by Mr. Weber. We welcome the recommendation that aims to provide a better continuum of mental health and addictions treatment to all New Brunswickers.

As for the Centre of Excellence for Youth, the Network is aware of the Department of Health’s position on this facility and is awaiting a decision.  In the meantime, the Network is continuing to provide youth with quality mental health services and to work with all its partners.