Gisèle Beaulieu named Chief Operating Officer for Zone 4 (Northwest)

Bathurst,  July  28,  2014  –  Vitalité  Health  Network’s  President  and  Chief  Executive  Officer,  Mr.  Rino  Volpé, announced today that beginning next August 4th, Ms. Gisèle Beaulieu will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer for Zone 4 (Northwest). This nomination brings into focus the Network’s efforts to prioritize improvement in quality and performance.

A native of Edmundston, Ms. Beaulieu will assume her new responsibilities with vast experience in organizational management  and  continuous  improvement  in  the  quality  of  health  care  services.  Prior  to  her  nomination, Ms. Beaulieu held the position of Vice-President of Planning, Quality, Privacy and Human Resources with Vitalité Health Network.

“Ms. Beaulieu’s skill sets frame perfectly with the Network’s strategic directions, at a time when we now have a plan for continuous improvement in the quality of services to patients as well as an accountability framework to measure performance at all levels within the organization,” stated Mr. Volpé. From the CEO’s viewpoint, the Network’s primary mission is to ensure that health care services are focused on the patient and his/her needs.

Ms. Beaulieu holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a graduate certificate in public management (health) from the Université de Moncton, as well as a Fellowship from the EXTRA national program of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. She also has almost 25 years of experience in health care management within the Network and its hospital facilities. Ms. Beaulieu began her career as a dietitian at the Edmundston Regional Hospital before ascending to various management positions within Vitalité Health Network and Regional Health Authority 4 in Edmundston. As a Vitalité senior management team member, she held several positions, including that of Executive Director of Chaleur Regional Hospital in Zone 6 (Acadie-Bathurst), Senior Chief of Health Renewal and Vice-President of Planning and Organizational Development.

"Zone 4 now has within its ranks a leader in health care management who is known for her abilities in consulting with and engaging staff and community partners towards the best practices in health care delivery,” continued Mr. Volpé.

For her part, Ms. Beaulieu welcomes the thought of returning to her native region to pursue her career in health care management. “It warms my heart to come back to the Northwest Zone to work ardently with the staff, medical personnel and the community at-large in order to ensure that our zone stands out with the quality of services in the health care continuum as well as to transform the organizational culture so that it becomes one of continuous quality improvement and more focused on patient needs,” concluded Ms. Beaulieu.

Mr. Volpé wishes to thank Mr. Pierre Verret for his services rendered in the Zone 4 and wishes him success in his future endeavors.