Edmundston Regional Hospital: status report (April 26, 2021)

Edmundston, Friday, April 26, 2021 – Vitalité Health Network is presenting a status report of the situation at the Edmundston Regional Hospital to the community. This report will be updated and distributed on a regular basis as the situation evolves.


  • Number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients: 7 patients
  • Number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care: 2 patients, including 2 on respirators
  • Number of patients on the COVID-19 Unit: 5 patients
  • Number of intensive care beds: 9 beds
  • Number of COVID-19 patients transferred to another hospital: 2 patients transferred to Fredericton, 1 on April 6, and 1 on April 7.


Emergency Department: Open for people who require emergency care and want to see a doctor. However, we ask that people whose health condition does not require urgent care make an appointment with their family doctor or nurse practitioner, consult with their community pharmacist, visit a walk-in clinic or call Tele-Care (811).

Outpatient services and surgery: Some ambulatory care services and elective surgeries are reduced temporarily.  For the moment, the Network is asking people to present for their hospital appointments at the scheduled date and time. In the event that certain services would be impacted, the Network will contact those directly affected to postpone their appointments to a later date.

Patient visits: Visits are prohibited, except for patients in Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Intensive Care, Palliative Care and for patients who will receive medical assistance in dying.

The data presented in this report is evolving rapidly and updates will be communicated on a regular basis if the situation warrants it.