Child & Youth teams raise awareness towards addiction problems

Grand Falls, November 27, 2019 - National Addictions Awareness Week is celebrated November 25 to December 1. The theme this year is "Stigma Ends with Me". Child & Youth teams are taking this opportunity to introduce two social workers specialized in addiction treatment.

Karine Dufour and Tiffany Couturier serve the Edmundston, Grand Falls and Saint-Quentin areas providing comprehensive services in the following fields: assessment; crisis intervention; follow-up; and individual, group and family therapy for children and teens with various addiction issues.

These social workers provide youth, their families and school staff with workshops and programs around the prevention and awareness of drug and alcohol addictions, cyber/videogame addictions and new addiction trends.

To facilitate access, the youth and their families choose the appropriate locations to hold these meetings.  The social workers turn to various community services to keep the youth in their communities as much as possible.

Based on need and always factoring in the best interests of the youth involved, the social workers refer and accompany the youth to resources such as the Addiction Services Centre and the “Portage” Rehabilitation Centre.

We invite you to visit the following addiction awareness sites: