Campbellton Regional Hospital continues to reopen services

Campbellton, Thursday, November 28, 2019 – Vitalité Health Network continues to gradually reopen services at the Campbellton Regional Hospital.

“Although conditions on the ground have improved, the situation at the Campbellton Regional Hospital remains serious,” stated Gilles Lanteigne, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Network. “To prevent this situation from re-occurring, we are proceeding with a gradual reopening of services.”   

The following services will reopen on Friday, November 29, 2019:
• Admissions will be accepted;
• The Surgical Suite will reopen for priority surgeries requiring hospitalization.

The following services will remain temporarily closed:
• The Obstetric-Gynecology Unit (deliveries), closed.  The situation will be reassessed next week.

The Network reports that the number of patients in the hospital awaiting a space in a nursing home remains very high and that progress in resolving this issue is slow. “Until the number of alternate level of care (ALC) patients drops significantly, it will be difficult to assure the proper functioning of the facility,” Mr. Lanteigne explained.

Since Wednesday, the Campbellton Regional Hospital has once again been accepting ambulances.

The Network thanks the public and its employees and physicians for their understanding and collaboration over the past few days.  “We are quite aware of people’s concerns and of the inconvenience resulting from the exceptional measures that we have been forced to implement,” Mr. Lanteigne stated.  “We take the situation very seriously and are making every effort to resolve it.”