The Board of Directors disappointed with recent developments

Edmundston, November 25, 2014 – The members of Vitalité Health Network Board of Directors expressed their disappointment following Rino Volpé’s dismissal from his position as President and CEO last week. Board Chairman Paul Couturier stated how the members felt at the public meeting held Tuesday in Grand Falls.

“Since Mr. Volpé was hired, the Board has never questioned his qualifications. We can also say that he maintained good working relationships with Board members as well as with the organization management and that he approached his work professionally and competently,” stated Couturier.

To the best of the Board members’ knowledge, Mr. Volpé met all the requirements of his mandate.

“We are deeply disappointed with the recent turn of events, especially as we were not consulted by the Department of Health concerning Mr. Volpé’s performance as President and CEO. If we had been asked for our position, we would have indicated that the President and CEO met the requirements of his mandate and there were no reasons for his dismissal,” Couturier continued.

Before the public meeting was held, the Board members discussed with the Honourable Victor Boudreau, Minister of Health, to obtain clarification regarding the process that led to dismissal. They also expressed their concerns about some files in progress. Couturier indicated that the meeting with the Minister was positive and the discussion frank. Both parties expressed a desire to collaborate.

The Board asked the Minister to see to it that some elements in the letter sent to Mr. Volpé be altered or even that the letter be withdrawn and the Minister took note of the suggestion. “Mr. Boudreau told us that there was no intention of denigrating the work done by the Board or staff members and he apologized for the unintentional impact of the message. We accept his comments and will be waiting for a follow-up on that issue,” said Couturier.

The Board then informed the Minister of its preparatory work under way in various files, including the Ebola virus disease file, showing several elements of collaboration with the various health care stakeholders in New Brunswick.

Many items of concern to the Board were also brought t the attention of the Minister, among which are non-clinical services managed by Facilicorp (Information Technology, Laundry services, Biomedical services). “We have some worries over the weakening of these services and the potential impact on the quality of services to the francophone population”, added Mr. Couturier in closing.