Board Policy CA-100: Vitalité Health Network's Purpose

Effective date: 2022-06-21

General provisions

Vitalité Health Network (the “Network”) operates in French and was created to provide for the delivery of and administer health services in the region for which it is established, although it may be authorized under its regional health and business plan, to deliver health services in another region.

Determination of health needs

To fulfill its responsibilities, the Network:

  1. Determines the health needs of the population that it serves;
  2. Determines the priorities in the provision of health services for the population it serves;
  3. Allocates resources according to the Regional Health and Business Plan.

Provision of health services

The Network may provide services only where:

  1. There is a need for such health services;
  2. These services are included in a plan approved by the Minister of Health;
  3. These services are consistent with the Provincial Health Plan; and
  4. Sufficient resources are available to provide these services.

Consultation and engagement

The Network consult with members of the public in relation to identifying the health needs of the population, the need for health services, the priorities for the delivery of health services, and whether the health needs of the region are being met.

The Network request participation from the public through a civic engagement process designed to engage the partners in the Network’s planning and decision-making activities. These principal partners are:

  1. Patients and family;
  2. Francophone, Anglophone, Native communities and new arrivals;
  3. Policy makers;
  4. Health managers;
  5. Health professionals;
  6. Health academic institutions;
  7. The Department of Health, Horizon Health Network, EM/ANB Inc., the New Brunswick Health Council and Service New Brunswick;
  8. The Department of Social Development and Nursing Homes;
  9. Municipal agencies, etc.

Service delivery

The Network ensures that health services are provided by its employees and staff or through agreements with the government or other persons in accordance with provincial standards; applicable parameters; policies and guidelines; and performance objectives set by the Minister for these services.