Replacement of pagers


Bell Mobility informed its customers in Eastern Canada that it will decommission its provincial paging services (with seven-digit numbers, e.g. 555‑4555) on June 30. The only replacement solution is cell phones. IMPORTANT: Internal four-digit pagers will continue to be used in the facilities equipped with this system.


Device and features

Samsung Galaxy J3 telephones will be used to replace provincial pagers. Features used will be limited to:

  • voice;
  • text messaging; and
  • voicemail.


Emergency Codes

A team has already been working for a few weeks to inventory the processes and tools requiring adjustment (e.g. emergency codes) in order to limit the impact of the transition after June 30.


Telephone Directory Update

The pager/telephone number lists will be updated. Since changing all the lists will be a long-term task, we will begin by ensuring that the telephone operators have the up-to-date information. The next step will be to gradually update the lists in the departments.



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