Board Policy CA-410: Board of Directors Evaluation Framework

Effective date: 2018-06-26


  1. Ensure continuous improvement of the Board, its committees/working groups, and members;
  2. Obtain feedback for Board and Executive succession planning and members’ reappointment;
  3. Identify education and development needs;
  4. Offer an opportunity to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the meetings of the Board and its committees.


  1. The Board of Directors (the “Board”) will use an annual evaluation protocol. The evaluation protocol will deal with the processes and structure of the Board and its committees/working groups, and include a self-evaluation of each administrator.
  2. The Governance and Nomination Committee will implement an annual evaluation process for the Board, its committees and officers based on the following policies:
    • Terms of Reference of the Board of Directors and Governance Structure (CA-120);
    • Board of Directors’ Committees (CA-300);
    • Duties of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (CA-140);
    • Duties of the Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors (CA-150);
    • Duties of the Treasurer of the Board of Directors (CA-160);
    • Duties of the Secretary of the Board of Directors (CA-170).
    1. This process will include:
      1. The main indicators identified by the Board to measure its effectiveness and performance;
      2. External resources as appropriate to ensure an effective process;
      3. The Board evaluation using one or several tools to solicit comments, for instance a written survey or group session;
      4. The self-assessment tools and processes of Board members, including opportunities to identify education and development needs and whether a member wishes to be considered for an administrator position;
      5. A Board report on the results of assessment issues and key actions to be solved to ensure the ongoing improvement of the entire Board and its administrators.